iFuel AG Joins the European Business Aviation Association

iFuel AG Joins the European Business Aviation Association

iFuel AG becomes a member of the EBAA. The aviation fuel broker is on the way to fulfill its mission of promoting aviation sustainability in cooperation with European industry leaders and national organizations. 

iFuel AG | Aviation Fuel Broker

iFuel is proud to join this strong community of proactive businesses. Working alongside leading enterprises and promoting a common cause would be a privilege, and iFuel promises to live up to the expectations set by EBAA. 

“We are thrilled to become part of this major association. The EBAA and its members all stand for the same values and promote the same standards for business aviation as we do. They encompass everything we are fighting for, and iFuel believes that together we could reach greater heights,” says iFuel’s Founder and CEO Rinad El-Rabaa

iFuel is particularly looking forward to working with the largest European SAF suppliers. Initially, when the broker was looking for a steady supply of sustainable aviation fuel, there were no European manufacturers who could estimate the amount of SAF produced in the foreseeable future. Currently, iFuel is supplying its clients with SAF shipped from the US. However, by joining the EBAA, the broker hopes to bring the main source of SAF supply closer to its clients. The EBAA is already working on perfecting a “book-and-claim” market-based program which allows operators to purchase SAF even when it is not available.

iFuel | Aviation Fuel Broker

The European Business Aviation Association is a non-profit alliance of aviation industry leaders. It includes members from all sectors of the field ranging from airports and fuel suppliers to aircraft operators and national organizations. 

iFuel is a young aviation fuel broker lead by Rinad El-Rabaa. Its headquarters are located in Zug, and its representative offices can be found in Vienna, Barcelona, London, Moscow, and Dubai. The company focuses on providing aircraft refueling services to its clients all around the world. iFuel’s main mission is to promote aviation sustainability and help achieve it by offering sustainable aviation fuel to its clients.