iFuel AG Set to Expand Its Services to Introduce Trip Support

iFuel AG Set to Expand Its Services to Introduce Trip Support

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, JUNE 28, 2021 — iFuel AG branches out by launching a brand new service for their company — trip support. Now, business aviation operators apart from fulfilling their aviation fuel needs may also contact the service provider for flight planning, ground handling, flight permits, and more.  

The aviation industry is quickly and confidently recovering as the world is promptly defeating COVID-19. With travel restrictions worldwide being gradually lifted, travel by air is set to become a more prevalent mode of transportation once again. In this new age of business aviation, flight operators seek flexibility and ease in their efforts. Having noticed this trend in their clients, iFuel proactively decided to expand their range of offered services to include trip support as a way to provide an overall complete packaged experience to their customers. 

The trip support offered by iFuel AG includes but is not limited to:

  • international trip support
  • regulatory services
  • overflight and landing permits
  • flight planning
  • ground handling
  • weather NOTAM briefings
  • flight watch.

Besides handling the bureaucratic and operational side of every flight, the company now also provides hotel services, transportation, security, and catering. Furthermore, the service provider does not stop offering their fuel support services such as refueling their clients’ aircraft worldwide. 

“We started out as an aviation fuel provider in the middle of a worldwide pandemic — during the times when most of the aviation industry suffered terrible losses. Our main goal was to supply our clients with innovative solutions and sustainable aviation fuel. But now, as we see the market slowly recover from the past year, we also realize that new demand for trip support is emerging all throughout. We wanted to simplify our clients’ operations the best we could, so launching a set of trip support services seemed like the most logical next step for iFuel. We are very excited to incorporate them into our current product line. And we are prepared to fully launch them with a team of professionals already available to our customers 24/7.”

Rinad El-Rabaa, iFuel’s Founder and CEO

Although iFuel is expanding into new territory to aid their clients in safely renewing their operations, the company still stands strong as an aviation service provider and assures that its core mission is still to make aviation greener and more efficient.