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As the COVID-19 global crisis continues to evolve, we would like to update you on additional activities and procedures we are employing to serve our customers. We are continuously updating our internal systems to ensure the health and safety of all of our people. In many parts of the world, this includes leveraging our tools and platforms institute remote “at home” working provisions.

At iFuel AG Trading Group we are committed to building the right solution at the right time with the right safeguards for each and every customer we serve. We are working these challenges with individual customers who become impacted by any issues on a real-time basis. Our business continuity plans are fully active on a 24/7 basis and our physical operations across the globe have incorporated all governmental guidance and recommendations into their daily operating routines.

All of the above actions represent the soul of our culture, focusing on commitment to our customers and for our family of employees. We are here to serve you as we always have been.