iFuel Now Offers Zero-Rated Fuel for Commercial Operators in France

iFuel Now Offers Zero-Rated Fuel for Commercial Operators in France

iFuel AG has expanded its VAT program and can now provide zero-rated fuel for commercial operators refueling in France. The fuel supplier believes this will introduce new benefits for their clients and prove their services to be more advantageous. 

iFuel has now fully registered their VAT program in France providing VAT exemptions to their eligible customers. Today, commercial operators in France can get zero-rated fuel from the provider. This will lower clients’ expenses on jet fuel which in combination with iFuel’s pre-existing crediting system and round-the-clock customer support will render their services even more affordable and appealing to their clients. In addition, iFuel works directly with fuel producers bypassing all unnecessary interest and fees emerging from reselling the fuel between several brokers. This thoughtful cost reduction along with their fuel now being zero-rated in France provides another incentive for French operators to choose iFuel.

“It will make us more competitive on the French market,” says Rinad El-Rabaa, iFuel’s Founder and CEO. “Our main focus is and has always been to provide our clients with the best of service. And now we are able to do so — by adding another way we can save our customers’ money on fuel supplies. Our existing VAT program already included Switzerland, but now we are thrilled to announce that we expanded our VAT registration to France. The VAT program is crucial for us and all of our clients. Therefore, we are putting all the efforts into extending it to provide zero-rated fuel all throughout Europe, and later — the rest of the world. Although it takes a lot of time to get registered, we are quite determined and proud that our company is growing.”

The fuel provider proactively seeks to expand their horizons by expanding their VAT program into more countries. With both Switzerland and France now fully enjoying the benefits of zero-rated fuel, iFuel claims they don’t plan to stop scaling up anytime soon, and a number of other countries will be added to this list in the nearest future.