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Who are iFuel?

We are a team of innovative professionals with over 39 years of experience in various branches of the aviation industry. Our company, iFuel AG Switzerland, arose in 2020 as a joint partnership between two experts — James Kossick and Rinad El-Rabaa. Although we worked in aviation for quite some time now, we all specialize in different niches of the industry. Mr. Kossick’s area of expertise is global aviation fuel and supplier contracting. Mr. El-Rabaa is a service-driven executive with an extensive background in international fuel sales trained in the military, commercial, and business aviation sectors since 2009.

Combining our different experiences and knowledge, and applying it to a mutual cause, we created a company that seeks to provide our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions for aircraft refueling. 

Since fuel is the first most important expense for any flight, we want you to have immediate access to jet fuel 24/7. By choosing iFuel AG as your broker, we will make sure you get the most beneficial rates directly from our aviation fuel suppliers and save lots of time and nerves while refueling your aircraft in between trips. 

Our mission since the very beginning was to offer convenient aircraft refueling options along with 24/7 support, advice, and facilitation for our members, clients, and their staff. Our main goal is to save your time and money. That is why we provide you with aircraft refueling options for commercial, corporate and military trips all around the world. 

We have a wide range of clients such as

  • heads of state
  • cargo and passenger airlines
  • militaries in the EU and abroad
  • corporate operators
  • royal flight departments
  • fuel resellers
  • fixed base operators 

 Our customers enjoy the benefits of well-negotiated prices on jet fuel based on the scale of iFuel AG. Our network includes over 170 suppliers with global coverage.

iFuel Team


    Cambridge MBA graduate. Entrepreneur and owner of JAF Europe GmbH, iFuel AG, Faith Financial Solutions, bnb.ru, and many other successful projects. 15 Years of experience in commercial, military, and business aviation services.


    A business graduate from London. Driven negotiator and deal maker. Client-oriented and focused on the delivery of exceptional services. 9 Years of experience in Business Aviation Fuel.