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  • iFuel AG Joins the European Business Aviation Association

    iFuel AG becomes a member of the EBAA. The broker is on the way to fulfill its mission of promoting aviation sustainability in cooperation with European industry leaders and national organizations.

    iFuel is proud to join this strong community of proactive businesses and working alongside leading enterprises and promote a common cause.

  • iFuel AG signs direct agreement with Air Total

    As a young aviation fuel broker, iFuel AG is constantly in search of new suppliers to expand the range of options offered to its clients. The most recent agreement, and one of the most important iFuel has signed so far, is a direct supply agreement with Total Aviation, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of aviation fuel in France, Europe and Africa.

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  • iFuel and Total forge deal with sustainability at the centre

    By 2024, following an investment totalling more than €500 million, Total will focus on four new industrial activities including sustainable aviation biofuels. This aligns nicely with the interests of young broker iFuel.
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  • New Jet Fuel Brokerage Launches in Switzerland

    A new global aviation fuel broker has entered the market with the launch of Switzerland-based iFuel AG. With a focus on providing its business aviation, commercial, cargo, and military customers with the ability to source sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), as well as conventional jet fuel, the company believes sustainable fuel should be the ultimate power source for any flight.

  • iFuel AG launches as new sustainable aviation fuel broker

    “Our main competitive advantage will be aggressive fuel pricing and credit facilities. This approach is a result of having direct agreements with leading fuel suppliers around the world,” says Rinad El-Rabaa, iFuel’s CEO.

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  • Sustainable aviation fuel is the future of aviation

    Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a greener way to fly. It is a clean alternative to jet fuel that’s produced and refined from organic feedstock and helps aircraft and airports reduce their carbon footprint.

    Learn more about the benefits of SAF with iFuel.

  • iFuel AG Drives into the Market to Provide Sustainable Fuel Solutions

    ZUG, SWITZERLAND, NOVEMBER 3, 2020 — iFuel AG — a new aviation fuel broker bursting onto the scene — has recently launched its global operations. The company focuses strongly on offering innovative IT solutions and providing both jet and sustainable fuel options for their clients.